artistic research project – 2014-18


As a composer and artistic research fellow (artistic PhD) at the Norwegian Academy of Music through the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme I work with the project

– recontextualizing a sensation of another place.

The project argues that a sensation of another place is vital to the recognition of unfamiliar perspectives.

Space and sound are inextricably connected. The surroundings and context are central to how we perceive external stimuli, such as an image, a story, or as in this project: music. But just as important are the inner cognitive structures that are available to each and one of us, into which what we perceive can fit more or less or not at all in order to be understood or rejected.

This project is about increasing the awareness of the situational and contextual implications of  the musical works I make. For each site or situation I work with, I analyze its characteristics, such as acoustical conditions, locations in relation to surroundings, its landscape shape and historical or political context.

I use this material to create immersive concerts, perhaps concepts, which require active listening and demand a certain level of sacrifice from the audience. In some way or other I stage a level of displacement.

Since nothing at all in this world is particularly stable – on long term – we, everyone, at all times, are challenged to navigate in unknown or little known territory with defective information. The ability to navigate with defective information is perhaps relying on how we perceive and recognize unfamiliar perspectives.

Artistic results
  1. Comfort Music (2015) – album released 2018
  2. Mirnyj (2018) – premiere 27.11.2018
  3. Himdalen (2018) – premiere 24.11.2018

Due ultimo January 2019.