land music – 2018 – 13 hours

The entire evening and night outdoor in the dead of November. 

Himdalen is a small unpopulated valley surrounded by pine forest hills an hour by car east of Oslo. The only storage and repository facility for radioactive waste in Norway is located here. The site and its function of storing waste of long half-life arises questions about communication, especially across extreme time spans. Radioactive substances have half-times from seconds via decades to billions of years. The greater the time span, the more difficult the understanding of context becomes. Myths were the realistic channel of saving information prior to scripture evovled more than five thousand years ago. And myths have been interpreted in what was always the present context. Meaning does not merely arise as information is conveyed, but is dependent upon context, of how we perceive situations, cultures, civilizations, the world and our immediate surroundings.

Physical presence and maneuvering in the local landscape is necessary to try and put the outspread elements of the work together. The audience must navigate the area, in darkness, with uncertainty, inconvenience and strain. The sound situations are prolonged, almost stagnant processes.

Practical info on premiere 24. November 2018

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