Public Eye – shaping land

March 2022, updated January 2023 Public Eye is a collaborative art project in a development phase. In this project, a recording device will be constructed to contiguously capture audio, video, and weather data in vast, remote or limited access-landscapes with complex geo- and sociopolitical histories. The device will record from one geographical site for an entire year. All captured material …

Sonotopographic Study, N61 21 57.1 E8 14 24.9, 1387 AMSL (work in progress)

Sonotopographic Study is a work in progress for a 4 hours 45 min audiovisual installation prototype for the Public Eye project. The pilot project first phase was to demonstrate feasibility on a smaller scale for the main project. During the first phase, the emphasis has been on the technical feasibility. In Jotunheimen mountain range, Norway, a terrain resembling qualities and …


The Blood Road (work in progress)

In 2019 I developed the idea of making a music based film on the Blood Road in Nordland, Northern Norway. The work is in progress and was postponed from 2020 due to Covid-19. I will collaborate with Tanja Orning on composing the music, cinematographer Kim Aspen and sound technician Cato Langnes. During WW2, the paramilitary Nazi German Organisation Todt organised …

The Great Canon of Repentance

In April 2016 I went to Athos to attend the Great Canon of Repentance. The rationale for the journey can be read here: for the Canon Text: The recording is from the monastery IM Osíou Grigoríou 14 April 2016. The morning service started 03:00 with about an hour of prayers, then the chatting of the Canon until about …

Mirnyj – concert

27. november 2018
Jakob kirke, Oslo.
16.00 og 20.30

Four hours immersive audiovisual work with horisontal projection over lying audience and multi channel loudspeakers.

Himdalen – land music

The entire evening and night outdoor in the dead of November.
A 13 hour concert installation in the terrain.
Loudspeakers, live musicians, video.
24-25. November 2018.
KLDRA Himdalen, Akershus in Norway.


10.3.2017 – Saint Petersburg, Federal City In these days, 100 years have passed since the decisive russian February Revolution in 1917. The people was discontent with the Russian involvement in World War I. The Russian military was no match for well equipped Germany, and the Russian casualties were disastrously high. Many farmers fell on the battle fields as soldiers, the …