Otherwise the belief is that a kind of lense at the size of Turkey would make a spacecraft accelerate to half the speed of light in only two years.
– But this prospect would also lie some time into the future.

music – 2003 – grand piano with leaden weights, 10 min


Accessories: 11 leaden weights to depress keys
Contact NB noter or sunde@kosunde.no for the weights, or just have them made (instructions in the score).
Recorded 20. Feb 2008 by Ingfrid Breie Nyhus in Sofienberg Church, Oslo.
Album But a machine, released 2008 by MERE
Commissioned by Pål Størset/Ny Musikk
Score at NB noter
Version 1.3 (9. Dec 2003)
Norsk tittel:
Ellers tror man at en slags linse på størrelse med Tyrkia skal få romskip til å akselerere til halve lysets hastighet på bare to år. –Men også dette ligger nok noe frem i tid.