music – 2009 – early morning concert around small forest lake, 40 min.

7 musicians and crew sleeping over in tents
audience tenting or early bird hike
40 min full concert – adapted music by Bach and Scelsi inclusive.




Audience info

The concert is Sunday morning 13. Sep 2009 at 06:30.
It’s a 3 km easy hike from Skar or Maridalen skole, Maridalen, Oslo (bus 51).
Start walking more than 1 hour in advance in the morning (1:15 is recommended) of the concert to make sure you actually will get there and get a chance to settle down without haste. Or join us at Skar at 18.30 Saturday night and sleep in your tent.
Or attend Saturday night entertaintment in the city and catch the extremely early special Ultima-Fagervann bus.

Walking map


Programme Fagervann 130909

Giacinto Scelsi – Tre Pezzi I and III – 6 min
J.S.Bach – Preludium c-moll BWV 847 (Wohltemperierte Klavier 1) – 6 min
Knut Olaf Sunde – Fagervann – 28 min


2 cl, 2 tpt, 2 tbn, tba
Accessories: mutes, portable audio device with click track connected to walkie talkie, receiving walkie-talkies with plug for headsets for the musicians.
Commissioned by Ultima
Produced by Ultima
Premiere 13. Sep. 2009 by Det Norske Blåseensemble
Score and parts at NB noter
To be performed outdoor only.