Memory of Oblivion

Audiovisual – 2023 – 46 min

Made after residency in Castro Marim, Portugal, on invitation by Ny Musikk and the collaborative project Particular Universal initiated by Out.ra.
Premiere at Only Connect, K.U.K Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst, Trondheim, 13. April 2023.

I was invited to a residency by the project Particular Universal to stay in the small bordertown of Castro Marim in Portugal to approach the town through the themes of identity, memory and landscape. I was in Castro Marim 23. April – 7. May 2022 and took field notes as sound recordings, video footage, interviews, conversations and brief research on geography, history, culture, economy and administration connected to the local area. I walked and biked outside and around the town to better understand its topographical situation. I sat down, listened, watched. I had brought a mini travel studio equipment and played with it in the evenings. I was invited to a boat trip and rented a gyrocopter to approach the town from the air. I decided to make a video essay from the combined field notes.