audiovisual – 2018 – 4 hours

The above video is a 7 min excerpt from the 4 hour audiovisual work.
Commissioned by notam
Supported by Arts Council Norway
Realization by notam and Prosjektorpøblene
Premiere Jakob church, Oslo, 27. November 2018
Project description

Linn Carin Dirdal’s review and interview on Mirnyj in Ballade.

Text presentation

Audiovisual four hour work. Based on a trip to Siberia and the mine in Mirnyj. The abandoned open pit as a remnant space, resulting from excavation of values contributing to the state and local community, is observed and functions as a focal point of the connection between place, memory and understanding: maneuvering in the unknown, always with unstable and deficient information – a sensation of antoher place – is vital to the recognition of unfamiliar perspectives. The sound situations are sustained, sparse and tense. Sound material is from recorded violin, synthesized and soundscape from Mirnyj. Video material is filmed along the travel route in Russia, around the pit in Mirnyj, from the Mirnyj town, a generated flimmering sequence, and hovering scenes over satellite imagery.

Practical notions

The work is initially intended for a lying audience on flat floor, surrounded by a 4 channel loudspeaker system, watching upward on one flat suspended projection screen. It is also possible to view the work in a cinematic setting. It is possible to run the film as several shows in a row during the day. The premiere had deckchairs and a tilted screen.


Full length preview 4 h film, compressed, stereo version.

If the video link above doesn’t work, try this: prosjekt.nmh.no/kosunde/MIRNYJ


Download rider as pdf here.


General questions: contact composer Knut Olaf Sunde, sunde@kosunde.no, +47 93 44 13 58
Audio technical questions: contact audio engineer Cato Langnes catola@notam02.no
Video technical questions: contact video engineer Mads Faste Liang Nilsen, madsfasteliangnilsen@gmail.com

Loudspeaker system

4 channels: 4 top with 4 sub, such as L’acoustic 108P and L’acoustic SB15P. Deliver effective frequency range 30 Hz to 18kHz with sufficient amplifier power.
Speakers surround the audience.
Multichannel mixer and high quality multichannel sound card.


1 x 8 000 – 15 000 lumen projector. Lenses should be exchangeable.
1 x 8,20 m x 4,50 m screen (or 5,40 m x 3,10 m if ceiling is low). Screen can be tilsted to approximately 70 degrees.
1 x SDI extender + cable (can be omitted if mixing table is close to projector)
2 x VMB-TE64 crank stand
5 x 2 m truss
5 x 2 m x 1 m scene plattings
1 x Macbook Pro with HDMI out and Qlab installed

Media file

External SSD harddrive with approx. 330 GB proresHQ master file with 48 kHz 24 bit surround 5.1 audio (although only audio channels L, R, Ls and Rs are used).


Alt. A)Flat floor hall without chairs.
Size to accomodate a certain number of lying audience, who must be asked to bring their own sleeping pads or similar.
2 x flybars above the audience to suspend screen – placed as much directly above the audience as possible. Must have payload for carrying screen safely.
Bar/serving is both ok and pleased during the concert, but the hall must be silent; thus not adjacent to a public bar.
Alt. B)Flat floor hall with comfortable chairs, such as deckchairs, suitable for four hours seating. Alternatively comfortable cinema seating.

16 ampere electricity and extension cords.


As little light and as dark as possible.