installation – 2003 – 120 small suspended loudspeakers, 8 channels, sensors, microphones, visuals

Made in collaboration with architect Frida Sjöstam and programmer Fredric Bergström. 12-27. Oct 2003 GAS-festivalen in Gothenburg, Sweden.


With 120 small speakers suspended from a network of cables overhead, the spectator walks surrounded by the loudspeakers, hearing a continuous stochastically evolving harmonic structure of sinusoidal tones. By stepping on sensors on the floor, situations or changes are trigged and blended with manipulated extracts of general noise from the hall outside.


120 small loudspeakers in 8 channels
bass loudspeaker
4 stereo amplifiers
mixing table
trigger module
120 speakers with cables available with Peter Kristensson at the architectural branch of 
Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, Gothenburg.