The Great Canon of Repentance

In April 2016 I went to Athos to attend the Great Canon of Repentance. The rationale for the journey can be read here: for the Canon Text: The recording is from the monastery IM Osíou Grigoríou 14 April 2016. The morning service started 03:00 with about an hour of prayers, then the chatting of the Canon until about …


music – 2013 – for theatre performance


music – 2007 – site specific mountain concert for four trombones and walking audience in acoustic valley, 41 min.


music – 2004 – orchestra, 18 min

Giants of Jazz

album – 2003 – CD, Poing, the legendary royal records


installation – 2003 – 120 small suspended loudspeakers, 8 channels, sensors, microphones, visuals