Mirnyj – concert

27. november 2018
Jakob kirke, Oslo.
16.00 og 20.30

Four hours immersive audiovisual work with horisontal projection over lying audience and multi channel loudspeakers.

Himdalen – concert installation

The entire evening and night outdoor in a 12 hour concert installation at several local positions in the terrain.
Loudspeakers, live musicians and video.
24-25. November 2018. Location is Himdalen, Akershus in Norway.


10.3.2017 – Saint Petersburg, Federal City In these days, 100 years have passed since the decisive russian February Revolution in 1917. The people was discontent with the Russian involvement in World War I. The Russian military was no match for well equipped Germany, and the Russian casualties were disastrously high. Many farmers fell on the battle fields as soldiers, the …